Colleges, high schools, universities, prestigious schools or specific training,
Smart Digital School creates for you

Your Classroom

Digital Courses

Study where and when you want.

Enjoy the freedom to study at your own pace, without delay or time restrictions.

The advantage is that you can attend your online classes live from your home or from any location.

Virtual Classroom

Our platform aims to remotely replicate the conditions of traditional classroom education.

It is a form of training, for synchronous learning, by one or more teachers.


The interaction between a student and their teacher is a key factor in academic success.

Through our platform, a student can interact with their teachers regarding a lesson by requesting assistance.

Who are we?

Hello, we are
Smart Digital School

and we are changing the way people think and feel about education.

Our training platform is e-learning type, an online and distance training tool that uses the Internet and new digital technologies, with the aim of improving classical learning processes.

This type of teaching allows learners to train remotely, whenever they wish, and to have access to various educational content 24/7, no matter where they are. They can thus train in the field that interests them, always at their own pace.

Why Choose
Smart Digital School?

Best course and training platform

Smart Digital School is the cloud-based online learning platform that will guide you throughout the training process.

Create your school, teachers, and students and manage your courses easily and without technical knowledge, students can attend their classes live, making training more "real" and the learning success rate much higher.

Reduced Costs

One of the most obvious advantages of our platform is cost reduction compared to traditional training methods. In-person training is expensive: add up the cost of an instructor, travel time, leaves, and even the cost of physical training materials like workbooks, and it's easy to see how online learning is more cost-effective.

With Smart Digital School, there is no cost to reproduce materials; learners can use their own technology to participate. And, since the classroom is virtual, you save on travel expenses, and instructors can record and stream their sessions at any time.

Rapid Learning

Who wants to sit through hours of classes to get a few minutes of new information?

Online learning speeds up the process for learners who progress at a faster pace, saving time and resources for optimal efficiency. Online learning can also allow learners to test the material they have already learned, which also saves time.

How does it work?

I am the administration

Create your digital school by configuring classes, subjects, teachers, and students

I am the teacher

Create your online courses, interact with your students by responding to their assistance requests.

I am the student

Select your courses to consult in the subjects or teachers section and request assistance from your teachers if needed.


Whether for administration, teachers, or students, monitor all KPIs for optimal management of your activity.



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